An examination discovers customers spending above average for SEO services are more likely to be satisfied than customers spending less.

The average amount that small businesses in the UK spend on SEO services is £497.16 per month.

According to the examination, customers that spend over £500/month were 53.3% more likely to be “extremly satisfied” compared to those that spent less than £500/month.

This information is included into an examination from Backlinko, who reviewed 1,200 business owners with inquiries related to SEO services industry.

Here is an outline of key discoveries from the examination.


SEO Services in 2019

When it comes to finding SEO services, most small business owners rely on referrals, Google searches, and online reviews.

About 75% of business owners state a SEO providers notoriety “very” or “extremly” significant in choosing whether to hire them. The area of the specialist provider is additionally a significant thought.

The best desire business owners have of SEO service providers is to enable them to draw in new clients and, thusly, earn more cash.


Business owners additionally expect SEO service providers to help increase brand awareness.

Evidently, a greater part of SEOs aren’t meeting desires, as just 30% of business owners would suggest their present seo service provider.

For what it’s value, customers working with SEO agencies revealed being more satisfied than customers working with freelancers.

Being disappointed with results is the main reason customers leave their SEO service providers. Client service and responsiveness was the number two reason.

As a result of all the dissatisfaction, the turnover rate for SEOs is high. Over half of customers surveyed state they’ve worked with several service providers.